Emily Sturman

Teacher, Curriculum Development Team

Emily is currently a senior at Lick-Wilmerding High School and has been passionate about computer science since middle school. While most of her CS knowledge is self-taught (thank you StackOverflow!), she has taken AP Computer Science and two college level computer science courses. She has also taught herself Java, Python, JavaScript (including React and React Native), HTML/CSS, C++, and currently learning Rust. Her favorite thing about computer science is its applications to the real world, so she enjoys building apps and websites in her free time (including a website for her robotics team and a sandwich-ordering app for her school). Most of her experience with education is through workshops organized and led by her robotics team. Outside of school, Emily has played violin for over ten years and also enjoys reading and spending time with her dog. She joined Launch Coders because she wanted to help inspire and foster excitement for computer science and technology.