Thomas Gosvig

Teacher, Social Media Team

Thomas is a current senior at Carlmont High School and is taking the AP Computer Science A course. Thomas has been coding since 8th grade, where he was enrolled in his first coding class for LEGO Mindstorm robots, and he showed his machines skills, at his school’s Winter Assembly. Thomas has experience in Python, Swift, Java, and the Arduino language (a C++ adaption). Thomas is a part of the Carlmont High Schools Biotechnology Institute, which gives every member a strong background knowledge in computer science. When Thomas was in 8th grade he helped 3rd and 4th graders with mathematics problems and tutored his peers in math in his junior year. Outside of school Thomas works on projects, like game development and upgrading old computers with his friends. Thomas joined Launch Coders, because he has personal experience in coding education, and knows the value of a good education, hoping to bring the same opportunities he had to everyone in the Bay Area.