Vedikas Sridharan


Vedikas is a current senior at Saint Francis High School in Mountain View, California. Her interest in computer science rose during her freshman year and she has since taken Paradigms and Algorithms, AP Computer Science Principles, and is currently taking AP Computer Science A. Her areas of expertise include Swift, Python, and Java. She worked for a company in testing data broker devices and has created many iOS applications and programs that have allowed her to win and place at various competitions and hackathons. Vedikas also founded a non profit, Bay Area Uncovered, dedicated to spreading anti-discrimination education and policy. She is in Lincoln Douglas Debate, on the board of her school’s activism club, volunteers with people with special needs, goes on service trips across the world and plays tennis. Vedikas believes computer science is the new platform for creating equity and fighting injustice. She has had incredible teachers that have made her fall in love with CS and hopes to do the same for someone else.